Bagh Bhairab Jatra

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Bagh Bhairab Jatra 2076
The temple of Bagh Bhairav is located at Kirtipur, Kirtipur, Nepal

Bagh Bhairab Jatra is celebrated for 1 day(s), it begins on the 10th day , ends on the 10th day and the main day of attraction falling on 10th day of the Bright fortnight of Gunla , the 10th month in the lunar Nepal Era calendar.

Bagh Bhairav Jatra is the festival of Kirtipur. Bagh Bhairav Jatra is performed on the first day of Bhadra (Nepali Calendar). An idol of Bagh Bhairav, especially made for the festival, is carried through the streets with traditional bands, followed by devotees chanting bhajans and kirtans and Lakhay dance too. On the occasion of Bagh Bhairab Jatra devotees circumambulate Bagh Bhairab temple.

There is a myth has that one is blessed with success and good health if he/she makes round of the Bagh Bhairav temple for 108 times on this very day.
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August 18, 2019

Begins and Ends Date

  • Days : 1 day(s)
  • Begins : 10th day
  • Main : 10th day
  • Ends : 10th day
  • Fortnight : Bright fortnight
  • Month : Gunla ( 10th month in the lunar Nepal Era calendar)
  • Location

  • Location : Kirtipur
  • City : Kirtipur
  • Country : Nepal
  • Language(s)

  • Nepal Bhasa , Nepali , English

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