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lakhe dance

Lakhey dance is a traditional dance form that originated in Nepal. It is a type of masked dance that is performed during the month of Gunla. The dance is performed by a group of male dancers who dress up in elaborate costumes and masks representing the Lakhey, a mythical figure in Nepalese folklore. The Lakhey is depicted as a fierce, demonic creature with sharp teeth and long claws, and is believed to be a protector of the village.

The dance is accompanied by traditional Nepalese music played on instruments such as the madal, dhimay.

The Lakhey dance is an important part of Nepalese culture and is an expression of the country’s vibrant and diverse heritage. It is a popular spectacle and attracts large crowds of people who come to watch the performance.

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August 6, 2021

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  • City : Lalitpur, Nepal
  • Country : Nepal
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  • Nepal Bhasa , Nepali , English

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