Pahancharhe Festival

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Dyah Lwakegu Pahachare Festival 2075 Part III

“Pahachare” One of the most famous Jatra of Nepal which is celebrated mostly by the Newar community. Pahachare is a typical Newari word, Paha means guest and Chare means the 14th day of the lunar fortnight. On the day of Pahachare, all the family members gather together under one roof, they invite their married daughters, relatives, and friends also. Pahachare is celebrated at the heart of Kathmandu for Three days.

On First Day

The celebrations begin with the worship of the deity Luku Mahadyah (sunken Mahadyah) which is one of the forms of the lord Shiva. Luku Mahadyah is enshrined in a hole in the ground. Devotees perform their devotions to the Luku Mahadyah by making offerings of a feast including rice and meat. Radish blooms and rape blooms are special offerings of the festival and are considered to symbolize silver and gold respectively.

Samewise at Nyata (Nardevi) also the various holy mask of god is shown and dance called Nyatamaru Ajima Pyakha is also performed.

On Second Day

At Tudikhel Ghodey Jatra, Show of horse riding is shown By our Nepal army. In the evening Dyah Lwakegu ceremony also takes place on this day. it means chariots of 3 Ajimas (kanga Ajima, Tebaha Ajima & Lumadhi Ajima) are brought together at Tudikhel by the locals on their shoulders with their cultural Bajas.

On Third Day

Also, all three Ajimas are brought together at Ason. During the Dyah Lwākegu ceremony, there were lots of crowds enjoying the Jatra. Rice flatbreads known as Chatanmari (चतांमरि) are scattered from the rooftops of houses. We can also call Paha Chare Jatra as a reunion of 3 Ajimas who actually are sisters.

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April 10, 2021

Begins and Ends Date

  • Days : 3 day(s)
  • Begins : 14th day (Dark fortnight)
  • Main : 15th day (Dark fortnight)
  • Ends : 1st day (Bright fortnight)
  • Month : Chilla ( 5th month in the lunar Nepal Era calendar)
  • Location

  • City : Kathmandu
  • Country : Nepal
  • Language(s)

  • Nepal Bhasa , Nepali , English

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