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Middleway Films Pvt. Ltd
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At Middleway, we want to engage with and contribute to the process of social change of the Nepalese society. We do this primarily by creating and disseminating content across all media for the Nepalese audience as well as people who have a stake or interest in the Nepali society.

Across all media, we develop content that not only document the change process but also share a vision for the future of Nepal.

We also develop contents that a range of audiences can use to facilitate the process of change.  In over more than one decade of our operation, we have developed content for a range of social and development organizations working in Nepal, in audio-visual, electronic, digital, and online platforms.

We also provide strategic communication, media, and public relations services for social and development organizations and agencies working in Nepal.

We put at the core the transformation of the Nepalese society in whatever we do.

In Middleway Films, we strongly believe in the power of cinema to create an impact among people. With our highly updated and skilled filmmaking professionals who specialize and have extensive experience in making films both fiction and non-fiction. We have done projects for development organizations mostly on social and developmental themes/ issues, films that document impact, and learning.

Over the ten years of our operation, Middleway has made over 40 films of diverse genre and lengths to more than 20 national, international, bilateral as well as multilateral development organizations and agencies.