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Cherifian Anthem

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منبت الأحرار

مشرق الأنوار

منتدى السؤدد وحماه

دمت منتداه وحماه

عشت في الأوطان

للعلا عنوان

ملء كل جنان

ذكرى كل لسان

بالروح، بالجسد

هب فتاك لبى نداك

في فمي وفي دمي

هواك ثار نور ونار

إخوتي هيا للعلى سعيا

نشهد الدنيا أن هنا نحيا


الله، الوطن، الملك

English translation

Root of the free, And of the brave

Rising place of the Lights,

Forum of glory and its protector,

May you perpetuate as its forum and its protector.

May you live among the homelands

As an address for grandeur

Filling every garden

conveyed by every tongue.

With the spirit, with the body,

Your son has come to answer your call.

In my mouth and in my blood,

Your love stirred up as light and fire.

Let’s go brothers! Heading for grandeur,

Making the world witness that we here perpetually live

With the motto:

God, homeland, king.

Song Details

  • Adopted : 1956
  • Country : Morocco
  • Language(s) : Arabic

  • Team Members

  • Lyrics : Ali Squalli Houssaini, 1970
  • Music : Léo Morgan, 1956


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