Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm

My Fatherland, My Happiness and Joy

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First verse

Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm,
kui kaunis oled sa!
Ei leia mina iial teal
see suure, laia ilma peal,
mis mul nii armas oleks ka,
kui sa, mu isamaa!

Second verse

Sa oled mind ju sünnitand
ja üles kasvatand;
sind tänan mina alati
ja jään sull’ truuiks surmani,
mul kõige armsam oled sa,
mu kallis isamaa!

Third verse

Su üle Jumal valvaku
mu armas isamaa!
Ta olgu sinu kaitseja
ja võtku rohkest õnnista,
mis iial ette võtad sa,
mu kallis isamaa!

Võro translation

Mu esämaa, mu õnn ja rõõm,
ku illos olõt sa!
Ei lövväq ma joht ilman tääl,
taa suurõ, laja ilma pääl,
miä mul nii armsa olnuq ka,
ku saq, mu esämaa!

Su pääl ma olõ sündünüq
ja üles kasunuq;
ma tennä sinno alasi
ja jää sull’ truvvis surmani,
mul kõgõ armsamb olõt sa,
mu kallis esämaa!

Su perrä Jummal kaegu,
mu armsa esämaa!
Tä olku sino kaitsja
ja võtku heldele õnnista’,
miä ilman ette võtat sa,
mu kallis esämaa!

English translations


My fatherland, my joy and happiness,
How beautiful you are!
I shall not find such ever
In this huge wide world
Which would be so dear to me
As you, my fatherland!

You have given me birth
And raised me up;
I shall thank you always
And remain faithful to you ’til death,
To me most beloved are you,
My precious fatherland!

May God watch over you,
My precious fatherland!
Let Him[Note 1] be your defender
And provide bountiful blessings
For whatever you undertake,
My precious fatherland!


My native land, my joy – delight,
How fair thou art – how bright!
For nowhere in the world around
Can ever such a place be found
So well belov’d, from sense profound,
My native country dear!

My tiny crib stood on thy soil,
Whose blessings eased my toil.
May my last breath be thanks to thee,
For true to death I’ll ever be,
O worthy, most belov’d and fine,
Thou, dearest country mine!

May God in Heaven thee defend,
My own beloved land!
May He[Note 1] be guard, may He be shield,
For ever bless and guardian wield
Protection for all deeds of thine,
My own, my dearest land!

Song Details

  • Adopted : 1990
  • Country : Estonia
  • Language(s) : Estonian , English

  • Team Members

  • Lyrics : Johann Voldemar Jannsen, 1869
  • Music : Fredrik (Friedrich) Pacius, 1848


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