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Job Specification

  • Must have astounding reading skills and an eye for detail
  • Must be able to read between the lines
  • Must be able to dissect complex contexts and provide contextual summary in Basic English to the writers
  • Must be able to convert long interview and video to texts when asked
  • Must be willing to organize a vast pool of information in sheets or related formats
  •  Must be able to research and find sources as per content structures
  • Must have a good typing speed. Willingness to improve the speed
  • Must have reading apprehension and contextual understanding about timelines and events
  • Must be willing to adapt to a fast-paced newsroom environment where deadlines are a serious business
  • Must be willing to do research independently when needed
  • Must have excellent communication skills and a sense of accountability

Job Description

  • Research and provide sources (links of articles, videos & social media posts as needed) for 4-6 biographies per day while leading the team of writers and researchers in the supervision of the Editing Supervisor
  • Help the team collect and differentiate different information types based on trends, complexity, availability, and credibility
  • Help the team fact check, tune and implement the given research techniques to find new topics and information
  • Support the Content Update and Publish process by helping the team to search topics and required sources
  • Closely works with editors, publishers, proof-readers, writers, management, and all the other stakeholders
  • Possibly help the platform to market the biographical work(s)
  • Suggest/work with the team in the formation of new categories in the magazine
  • Check the credibility of sources and generate adequate authentic sources for the content development process
  • Search and generate sources for the biographies and feature articles on the basis of given content structure and research guideline
  • Gradually, learn and implement SEO and developmental editing techniques in the supervision of the SEO department and the Editing Supervisor

Career Requirements

  • Individuals who have experienced as a magazine editor or in the related field
  • Individuals who have experience in professional biography editing will get special priority
  • For individuals without experience: should at least have an understanding of the skills and knowledge mentioned above

Apply If

The J.D. matches your profile
The important events and figures in human history fascinate you, and you want to search about what you distinct individuals and events around the whole world
If you agree with the following:

A Third-person biography is written to define and summarize the biography subject’s professional capacity (career experience, background, and expertise) and phases of life (early life, adult life, personal life, personal life experience such as upbringing).

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