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Qualifications: Master’s Degree in Fine Arts or Applied Arts or Graphic Design or communications, or 10 years equivalent experience.

The Graphic Designer should have a proven track record of having developed Visual identity guidelines and branding. Branding work for international organizations, public institutions, development, and diplomatic agencies will be considered an asset. The portfolio submitted should contain between 5 and 10 references, with branding successfully undertaken by the Graphic Designer across different media. It should clearly demonstrate high-quality branding work.

Skills and Knowledge required:

  • Eight to ten years of professional experience as a graphic designer / creative director based in Nepal.
  • Excellent graphic design skills, both in generating design concepts as well as executing them.
  • In-depth understanding of how visual elements, such as color, composition, and visual perspective work and can be used to create high-quality brand identity and awareness.
  • In-depth understanding of typography
  • Knowledge and insights in using branding elements to connect to, and create visual appeal in the intended audience
  • Good knowledge of how design principles work for and is applied across all media, including digital media, social media, and film and television.

Technical Skills required

  • Extensive skills in using Adobe Creative Suite
  • Knowledge of motion graphics


The Graphic Designer will work from the Mid-February 2021 till March last for a period of 35 days for the assignment.

Job Description

The Graphic Designer will be responsible for :

  • With the EU delegation, and through consultations with other development stakeholders (Government agencies, multilateral and bilateral agencies, international and national NGOs, in particular youth and women’s groups), define the identity and values to be channeled through the visual identity
  • Develop a brand positioning together with a Copy Writer
  • Create a visual identity system (use of iconography, color, typography, layout principles) that is visually strong and easy to use by laymen and women (open-source fonts, shapes, and colors that will be easy to replicate by partners in more remote areas, etc.), and the respects universal accessibility (easy readability, etc.)
  • Develop guidelines of use of the visual identity system for a complete range of products (Digital: website, digital banners, social media posts, email; publications; press and outdoor advertising; film, tv, and video; merchandise; internal documents: power-point presentations, etc.)
  • Develop easy-to-understand and follow samples that illustrate the design principles and styles delineated in the Visual identity Guideline

All the future communication products of the EUD will be developed on the basis of the Guidelines developed through the Assignment. The Guideline will also be shared with EUD partner organizations as well as EUD-funded projects.

Working and Reporting Arrangement

The Graphic Designer will work from the Middleway Office for the assignment. The technical facilities required for undertaking the assignment will be provided by Middleway Films.

The Graphic Designer will work with the Middleway Team in general and with the Key Expert and Photographer in particular under the direct supervision of EUD officials concerned. He will report to the Key Expert on a day-to-day basis.

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